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17 Expert Ways to Save at Macy’s

Expert Ways to Save at Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the top stores to search for your fashion, decor, makeup, shoes, accessories and many more things for your entire family. It makes your shopping experience whelming with its super cool deals, offers, and discounts. However, one needs to know what tricks to follow to get maximum savings from this store.

This article will tell you some Macy’s Savings Tips from rewards programs and price matching to exclusive deals and free shipping. Hence, go through this post and save more at Macy’s.

What are the Macy’s Savings Tips?

There are multiple ways to save your money on online shopping. Almost every store gives that opportunity to shoppers. However, some tricks are important to know for this. Therefore, we have provided some excellent and useful Macy’s Savings Tips here that will make you save big and shop more.

1. Macy's Shopping App

Downloading Macy’s app to get 25% off on your first shopping order is a popular and handy Macy’s Savings Tips. After you download the respective app on your phone, you start getting regular notifications of exclusive deals, coupons, and offers. Also, you can track the order and compare the in-store and online pricing of products.

2. Price Match Trick

Both the online store of Macy’s and offline store operate separately. Hence, the prices of a particular product on and in the store may differ. In such a case, when you look for a product online which is available at a lower price than what is posted in-store, you can show the price to the cashier. As a result, they will offer you a discount. Accordingly, you may get the product at the same price as being offered online. However, we suggest you check Macy’s pricing policy too.

3. Use Macy's Credit Card

If you love to shop frequently from Macy’s, there is a great opportunity for significant savings with Macy’s Credit Card. Using this card, one can spend up to $499 per year. As a result, the user earns points toward Star Money Rewards. These rewards are similar to cash discounts. Moreover, the user becomes eligible to get 25% off on shopping for a day and even gets birthday surprises.

Suppose, if you are a user of this card and you spend between $500 and $1199 in a year, then you will become eligible for free shipping on products. Furthermore, when the purchase reaches over $1200 annually, the user earns 5% back in the form of rewards. This is one of the most helping Macy’s Savings Tips.


4. Join Macy's Money

Macy’s Money works similarly to Kohl’s cash. It lets you earn money each time you buy anything or shop. Moreover, you can use one of these Macy’s Savings Tips in addition to other offers, deals, and coupons.

5. Start with Coupon2deal

This is a simple platform with the biggest offerings. You can consider it among one of the reliable and convenient Macy’s Savings Tips. At Coupon2deal platform, you can save a lot with Macy’s purchases. For this, you will have to check Macy’s store page that comprises a number of excellent promo codes to be applied to your Macy’s shopping. As a result, the users may get up to 70% savings and free shipping too. Moreover, you can earn cash back, too, with few coupons. In a nutshell, we must say that it is an excellent platform for your savings.

6. Subscribe through Email

You can receive the promotions, offers, and deals updates from Macy’s via text messages and email. However, you have to join its newsletter first. For this, visit the website and look for the option to participate through email. Also, remember that the discounts may vary throughout the year but are always substantial. Therefore, those who join through emails get the opportunity of receiving a one-time 25% off on their next orders. You can create Macy’s profile within few seconds.

7. Shop During the Macy's Friends & Family Sale

The Macy’s Friends & Family Sale is the best time to shop for whatever you need. It comes many times a year that makes it one of the famous Macy’s Savings Tips. Under this, the company offers particular Macy’s Coupon that you can use to get the lowest prices on products. Hence, you have more significant savings. Also, you can save up to 30% on merchandise during this sale event.

8. Check Macy’s One Day Sale

This sale comes once every month on the third Saturday. However, there may be changes too. Therefore, you must keep looking at the website for this notification. This sale offers you to get the best prices on merchandise, including almost everything that Macy’s offers. Also, heavy discounts are provided on clearance products this time.

9. Macy’s Last Act Sales

Last Act Deals is also one of the great Macy’s Savings Tips that you can utilize. This sale event is equivalent to a big clearance sale. Under this, you will find various products marked down with the lowest prices in the store. However, you will get better prices on the website. The savings under this sale are as high as 80% off, but the prices change often. Therefore, you will not know which product hits the last act price. To get the maximum benefit from this sale, we advise our readers to never wait and shop immediately when you find your product at the best price.

10. Look for the Semi-Annual Sales

To increase your savings count from Macy’s you can shop during its semi-annual sales. It usually comes in the month of January and July. The shoppers get up to 75% discount on their purchases under this.

11. Buy with Macy's Wow Pass

You can save your money by shopping through Macy’s Wow Pass. This is the alternative Macy’s Savings Tips for those who do not want to work using Macy’s credit card. These are the kind of coupons that non-cardholders can use for their shopping. However, you can use it on only.

12. Plan Your Shopping During the Season Change

This is the most used Macy’s Savings Tips. Also, this is not only for Macy’s. People even use this trick on their shopping from other stores too. During season change, retailers attempt to clear their collections or stock. Therefore, the products are listed at the lowest or discounted prices. The customers get many benefits from this. Macy’s also offers excellent product collections at discounts during the first three weeks of the season change.

13. Choose ‘No Hurry’ Shipping

This is one of the unique Macy’s Savings Tips that most shoppers usually do not know. During the checkout with your product choices at Macy’s, you must choose ‘No Hurry’ shipping option. As a result, you will get Macy’s Money in the user account that you can apply on the next purchase.

14. In-store Product Pick-up

This is the option that you can utilize by placing the order online for any product and choosing the option ‘free ship to store.’ Accordingly, you do not require to wait for the product’s delivery. You can directly visit the nearby Macy’s store to pick-up the order that you have placed online. As a result, you get savings in your hand as no shipping cost has to be paid.

15. Participate in ‘Thanks for Sharing’ Rewards Program

Macy’s rolls out a unique ‘Thanks for Sharing’ program every year between September and December. You can enroll for the same with Macy’s credit card, for which you have to pay $35 only. Accordingly, you can start your shopping from the day you join, which gives you 10% back in the form of Macy’s gift card.

16. Add Something More to Your Cart

Macy’s rolls out a unique ‘Thanks for Sharing’ program every year between September and December. You can enroll for the same with Macy’s credit card, for which you have to pay $35 only. Accordingly, you can start your shopping from the day you join, which gives you 10% back in the form of Macy’s gift card.

17. Grab Macys Coupon from Coupon2deal

This is the most convenient Macy’s Savings Tips that do not require you to pay anything or opt for any card. It only needs you to sign in to the Coupon2deal user account, where you can fetch the best available Macys Coupon to apply on your purchase. If you are not registered, go ahead with it as it is free of cost.



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We have covered all the helpful Macy’s Savings Tips in this article. You can also save big from this stop by following these. Hence, attempt for your savings and enjoy your shopping from Macy’s.