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 Features of Magzter 

➜ Share your newspapers and magazines digitally on iPhone, Android, iPad, and the web with a single upload. 

➜ Sell subscriptions of your newspapers and magazines across the world. 

➜ Pay zero setup charges. 

➜ Create dedicated Android and iOS apps for your newspapers and magazines. 

➜ Upload as many issues as you want without worrying about the server. 

➜ Link embed videos, YouTube videos, or add web page links with interactive features. 

➜ Access real-time reader analytics and sales reports to learn the reader’s preferences. 

➜ New custom push notifications to drive readership and sales. 

➜ Social-media promotions. 

➜ 24/7 customer service support. 

Magzter offers 

➜ Get 75% off on subscription and unlimited access by using the Magzter Promo Codes. 

➜ Enjoy 30% off select Newspapers and Magazines. 

➜ Get access to titles with magzter gold for $49.99. Get 50% off a one-year subscription at Magzter during the Black Friday Sale. 

➜ Get 63% off a two-year subscription at Magzter during the Black Friday Sale. 

➜ Get 67% off a three-year subscription at Magzter during the Black Friday Sale. 

➜ Get 55% off the peak Singapore at Magzter. 

➜ Get up to 90% off on best-selling ‘Magazine Bundles.’ 

Magzter Saving Tips 

➜ Sign up for the Magster newsletter to get the best Magzter offers and exclusive deals straight to your email inbox. 

➜ Always visit the coupon2deal.com site to get the latest Magzter Promo Codes at Magzter before purchasing the subscription. 

➜ Follow Magzter on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated about the new arrivals and latest Magzter deals. 

➜ Make sure to check out the sale discount and offers section on the Magzter site for discount offers and the latest promotions. 

➜ Download the Magzter app for free and activate the push notifications to get the exclusive Magzter offers on your phone. 

Magzter Coupon Codes 

Magzter Coupon Code or Promo Codes are a way to buy your favorite Digital Magazines at lower prices. You can save big and get amazing discounts on your purchase using the unique Magzter Discount Code. You can find the ideal Magzter Deals and Coupons on the coupon2deal.com site. Hence, make sure to visit the coupon2deal.com site before buying any magazine from Magzter. 

Advertise with Magzter 

You can share your newspapers or magazines or stories with the world at Magzter. Visit the “Advertise with Us” page at Magzter and provide the necessary details such as First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Company Type, Email Address, Phone Number, Budget, Company Address, and more in the required fields. 

Magzter Gold 

Magzter Gold for businesses helps keep their employees updated about the latest news, tech, and business trends by providing them access to the world’s leading newspapers and magazines. With one Magzter Gold subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to 5000+ newspapers and magazines across 60+ languages and 40+ categories. 

Download the Magzter App

You can download the Magzter app on any Android or iOS device and access over 5000+ stories, newspapers, and magazines on your mobile phone. The Magzter app can be downloaded for free. You only need to pay for the subscription to get access to thousands of magazines and stories. 

Magzter Gift Card

Gift the joy of digital reading to your loved ones with the Magzter Gift Card. It gives them the freedom to read their favorite newspapers and magazines from thousands of titles. The Gift Card is categorized into three cards; Magzter Gold Gift Card, Magzter Gold Lite Gift Card, and Newspaper/Magazine Gift Card. With Magzter Gold Card, you can get access to 5000+ digital newspapers and magazines for one year. However, with the Magzter Gold Lite Gift Card, you can access any 5 Magzter Gold digital newspaper/magazine for one year. Finally, with a Newspaper/Magazine Gift Card, you can give the freedom to access thousands of digital newspapers and magazines to your friends and family. 

Follow Magzter on Social Media

Social media platforms help to spread any news or information in the world. Hence, you can follow Magzter on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. When you follow Magzter on social media, you can quickly get new updates and exclusive Magzter deals and offers. Therefore, to stay updated about the latest deals and promotions, you must follow Magzter on any of the social media platforms given above. 

Payment Method

Magzter provides thousands of stories, magazines, and newspapers on its website and app as well. You can either download the Magzter app or read your favorite story online on the website. Downloading the app is entirely free, and you need to pay for the subscription only. You can pay the Magzter subscription charges depending on the type of subscription you have taken. Magzter accepts the payment via Amex, VISA, Maestro, and Discover. Hence, you can pay for your Magzter subscription through any of the payment methods given above. 

Privacy Policy 

The Privacy policy covers the personal and other information about you and your device or computer when you access the service. The company gathers the personal details from you and use them internally in connection with their services, including to provide, personalize, and improve their products, content, advertising, and services to enable you to set up a user profile and account, to contact you, and to fulfill your requirements and to analyze how you use its services. In several cases, the company may share your data with third parties but not for marketing purposes. 

Along with this, the company enables you to access your account through a password for your security and privacy. If you access the Magzter account via a third-party website, you may have different sign-in protections through the third-party website or service. Only you’ll be responsible for ensuring against unauthorized access to the Magzter account and personal details by selecting and protecting the password by signing off after you finish accessing the account. The company may change the privacy policy from time to time. You’ll be notified by posting an announcement if the company changes the way of using your personal information. 

Terms and conditions 

  • The Magzter company reserves the right to terminate accounts, cancel orders, or refuse service at any time based upon any activity by a user in violation of applicable law. 
  • The company reserves the right to monitor the data published or accessed by you to determine whether you are cooperative with the terms and conditions and other rules. 
  • The company has the right to take any decision regarding the content or delete them anytime. 
  • Magzter does not offer any refund. 
  • The sales-related taxes will be charged from the users as per the taxation rules that may change depending on the user’s location. 
  • The subscriptions that you purchase through Magzter are auto-renewable. The subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off the auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period. 
  • The Magzter Gold subscription is only for personal and non-commercial use and not for any business purpose. The company reserves the right to discontinue or modify, permanently or temporarily, the service with or without any notice. 
  • You’ll be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Magzter account and password and for restricting access to your PC. 
  • Magzter does not have any editorial control over the content, as it is a distributor and not a publisher of the publications. 
  • The tax and pricing on the Apple iTunes App will be controlled by the Apple’s iTunes terms and conditions. 

Magzter will modify the terms and conditions from time to time to keep you updated with the Magzter services and products. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Magzter’s terms and conditions, you can email them at [email protected] 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Magzter’s subscription, terms, and conditions, or other things, you can quickly get in touch with the customer support service team of Magzter. Furthermore, you can write your query through email at magzter.com. Also, Magzter provides 24/7 customer service. Hence, you can contact them anytime to resolve your problems. 

Magzter FAQs 

Does Magzter sell print copies? 

No. Magzter only sells digital copies and not physical print copies. 

How long does it take to download a magazine? 

The time of downloading the magazine depends on the size of the magazine and the speed of the internet connection. 

How many times can I view the purchased magazines? 

There is no limit on viewing the purchased magazine. You can view the purchased magazine as many times as you want. However, you can read digital magazines on up to five different Android or iOS devices. 

How to find Magzter Coupon Code? 

You can quickly find the Magzter Promo Codes by going to one of the best coupon sites, i.e., coupon.2deal.com. Make sure to regularly check the coupon2deal.com site to stay updated about exclusive Magzter Deals and offers. 

How to use coupons at Magzter? 

Though Magzter provides discounted prices on its subscriptions, you can avail yourself of extra discounts on your purchase through the coupon2deal.com site. You need to copy the Magzter Discount Code when purchasing the preferred subscription and apply it during checkout. 

Why is the Magzter Coupon Code not working? 

Promo codes and coupon codes are case-sensitive. Hence, enter the Magzter Coupon Code carefully, as sometimes the discount applies to selected items only. Also, make sure to regularly visit the coupon2deal.com site to stay updated about the latest and exclusive Magzter Deals and offers. 

Shopping through coupon2deal.com is safe or not? 

The coupon2deal.com site is entirely safe, and you can find various Magzter Deals on it. In addition, if you purchase the Magzter subscription through coupon2deal.com, you will get an additional discount on your purchase using the Magzter Promo Codes. 

From where can I get Magzter Coupon Codes for free? 

If you want to spend less and save more, you should use the unique Magzter Coupon Codes at the time of purchasing the preferred subscription. By using the Promo Codes or Coupons, you can get your favorite item at an affordable price. You can get coupons for free by going to one of the best sites, i.e., coupon2deal.com. From there, you can pick any Magzter Promo Code that is ideal for your purchase and get heavy discounts or instant cashback. 

Can I cancel my Magzter subscription? 

Yes. Magzter allows its users to easily cancel their Magzter subscription hassle-free. If you are not happy with the subscription plan, you can smoothly change or cancel it. 

Does Magzter offer any refund? 

No. Magzter does have a refund policy. However, if you cancel your subscription at Magzter, the company will not refund the amount in any case.

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