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Publix – A Shop that Has It All

Publix is one of the top leading American supermarket chains which is headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. The company started operating in the year 1930. It operates throughout the Southeastern United States with around 813 locations in Florida, 189 in Georgia, 78 in Alabama, 64 in South Carolina, and other good numbers in Tennesse and Virginia.

Including corporate offices, cooking schools, grocery distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities; it has a total of 1239 retail locations all over. Each store offers an extensive range of products and services in Grocery, Medicine, Deli, Bakery, Produce, Floral Meat, and Seafood. In addition to this, some Publix stores offer Café and Pharmacy departments too.

The happiest thing about Publix store is that you can shop from them on discounts using Publix Coupons.

Know Little More About Publix Market Attracts:

Cooking Schools - Their cooking schools are named as Aprons. There the customers are provided with cooking demonstrations and encouraged too. The recipes are house-developed, and they give the customers with recipe cards.

Greenwise - The greenwise market has a concept of retailing healthy foods. Their products are free of added flavors and dyes. Moreover, its effects are raised with antibiotics. All these come at a discount on using Publix Coupons.

Publix Sabor - Seven different stores offer Cafes, Bakery Selections, and Hot Foods.Pharmacy - In Publix in-store pharmacy, the customers are offered free antibiotics. Also, the customers can buy up to 2-week medicines on showing prescriptions.

The Little Clinic - There are nurse practitioners to help patients by writing prescriptions and treatments for common ailments or minor injuries. Moreover, you can get some common vaccinations from them.

Other Services:

➔ Check Cashing➔ Money Orders➔ Rug Doctor Rentals➔ Lottery Tickets➔ DVD Rentals

Can I get a free Curbside Pick-up at Publix?

Yes, you get free pick-up on the curbside order. However, you will have to shop for the minimum value of $35.

What is best to order from Publix?

Their Fried Chicken and Bakery items are the top-notch choices.

How can I save money on Publix shopping?

Use Publix Coupons to get discounts on your shopping from Publix stores.

Where to find Publix Coupons?

Find the best Publix Coupons on Coupon2deal at the Publix store page.

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