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Coupon2Deal is your one-stop destination to avail of a versatile range of fantastic deals and coupons that help you with massive savings while fulfilling your online shopping requirements. This web portal comprises a unique deal-sharing model to allow its users to have an unmatched shopping experience.


It facilitates the users to access outstanding deals from popular stores worldwide to make them shop across the world without any fear of pocket unraveling. This effort of Coupon2Deal makes it stand different from other deal sharing interfaces. Moreover, it is a reliable platform with authentic offers and coupons posted after scratch research by Deal Editors. At Coupon2Deal, the users find Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals, and Offers. Besides, this platform provides a bonus cash-back applicable to some offers. It’s easy to use interface and saving benefits every time are the keys that win the user’s heart. Regular enacts to bring the best to users is what makes Coupon2Deal the most preferred platform among online shoppers.

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Coupon2Deal gives you access to exclusive deals for stores that you frequently visit. In other words, this user-centric platform offers deals for a wide variety of online stores covering diverse categories. Here, you will find deals from all the leading e-commerce stores of America. There are a lot of popular online stores that are registered on our web portal for offering amazing discount deals. Besides that, we constantly go through more and more online stores to keep on increasing this endless list. Some of the prominent stores are listed below.


Frontpage Deals, as the name suggests, are exclusive deals that appear on the frontpage of our website. These are highly valuable deals that are recommended by experienced online shoppers. Online shoppers who are passionate about exciting discount deals and offers regularly search the world wide web for outstanding deals. They utilize their experience to filter out the options that allow users to enjoy huge savings while making online purchases. When our community members post these deals with their recommendations, these deals are available to the rest of the community for their feedback. They vote for the posted deals and rate them. Based on the feedback of community members, our Deal Editors carry out an in-depth review of these deals. They scrutinize them on various pre-set parameters to judge their actual worth. Some of the important factors that are considered are Price Trends, Customer’s Feedback, Expert’s Reviews, Availability, Inventory, Merchant’s Reputation and Credibility, Product Quality etc. Once they assure that the recommended deals are outstanding and authentic, they post these deals on the frontpage of this web portal.

Apart from the Frontage Deals, Coupon2Deals offers a wide variety of options under various categories. One of these options is known as Popular Deals. It refers to all those deals that are popular among the community of online shoppers. User-driven data determines which deals are capable of falling under this category. In other words, a deal has to exceed certain specified thresholds to appear in this category. It involves votes, clicks and/or feedback etc. In short, Popular Deals are those deals that are preferred and recommended by the community members.

Coupon2Deal makes it very convenient for users to navigate the web portal and search for the most appropriate deal without spending much time. Here, you can go through the various Deal Pages. Besides that, you can choose to locate outstanding deals if you have any preference in terms of online stores. However, the best option is to search for Deals by Category. In other words, you can go to the specific category of product that you wish to purchase. Then, go through the list of available Deals to find the most exciting offer. In order to do this, you can simply follow the given instructions. 


  1. Visit “”. 
  2. “Log In” to your User Account.  
  3. Look for the tabs above the available Deals. This includes Most Hot, Popular, Most Discussed etc.
  4. Besides that, you will notice another tab that says “Choose Category” with a Plus Sign. 
  5. Hence, click on it to expand its Menu Box. 
  6. Here, you will get a list of various Product Categories.
  7. Select a “Category” as per your shopping requirement. 
  8. This will bring up all the available Deals for the selected Product Category. 
  9. As such, go through all of these options to choose the most beneficial Deal. 
  10. Select it by clicking on it. 
  11. The following window gives you the details of this Deal. 
  12. Now, click on the “See Deal” button to access the online store for making the purchase.
  1. Visit “”. 
  2. “Log In” to your User Account as this facility is solely for registered users.  
  3. Once you are logged in, go to the top right-hand corner of this window. Click on the “Submit A Deal” tab. 
  4. The following window gives you a detailed Form in order to add a Deal for posting on our website. 
  5. Here, you need to provide certain details that are essential for crafting a deal.
  • Title
  • Content
  • Offer URL
  • Thumbnail
  • Offer Regular Price
  • Offer Old Price
  • Offer Coupon
  • Offer Expiration
  • Affiliate Store
  • Categories
  1. Finally, click on the “Submit” button to post the Deal. 
  1. How to Submit Your Own Deal on

    Submitting Deals on Coupon2Deal is extremely quick and convenient. However, this facility is available strictly for our community members who are experienced online shoppers passionate about searching exclusive and authentic Deals. They have to Sign Up at our website in order to get the right to post Deals and Offers that are available on the Internet. However, we have a strict set of parameters for the same in order to assure the quality of Deals appearing on our website. In other words, we don’t allow anyone to directly post their deals on the website. But, you can always contact our Business development Team for associating with our platform. 

    How Does a Deal Make it to the Frontpage?

    Coupon2Deal is all about providing the most authentic and profitable discount coupons, offers, cashbacks, and deals. In other words, we allow only the best of available options to appear on our frontpage. The primary criteria for a deal to be selected is the ratings and feedback of our community members. In addition to that, our experienced Deal Editors considers some important factors based on in-depth research. For instance:

    • Price Trends 
    • Customer’s Feedback
    • Expert’s Reviews
    • Availability
    • Inventory
    • Merchant’s Reputation and Credibility
    • Product Quality
    Who Are the Deal Editors?

    Deal Editors are experienced community members who display unrelenting passion for searching and sharing authentic discount deals. They are usually retail merchants from around the country who have the knowledge about lowest price points. Besides, they have the capabilities to predict Deal trends of various shopping categories. 

    We hand-pick our Deal Editors from these expert community members after subjecting them to stringent scrutiny. As part of our team, they curate outstanding deals for the Frontpage of our web portal. Apart from that, they search for the most valuable deals and share them in accordance with their category expertise. They have in-depth understanding of the products falling under the assigned category. As such, they can easily identify the deals that are beneficial for the users. They conduct intensive research to ensure that the available deals are authentic and reliable.

    In short, Deal Editors work like gatekeepers who allow only the most valuable deals to appear on our Frontpage. In this way, you get complete peace of mind while doing online shopping through our website. They are committed to delivering exceptional deals and offers for the community. 

    What Is a Popular Deal?

    As the name suggests, Popular Deals are the deals listed in a category that is determined by popularity. This category is purely driven by data that identifies a deal as a Popular Deal. In other words, any deal has to surpass the specified threshold which includes votes, clicks and/or feedback to be marked as a Popular Deal.  

    How Do I Vote on a Deal?

    In order to vote for any Deal on our Coupon2Deal website, it is essential that you must be logged in as a registered user. In other words, you must “Sign In” to your User Account. Then, locate the Deal in order to Vote. Now, click on the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” icon on the chosen Deal as per your choice. You will find this icon at the lower right-hand corner for the Deals on our Frontpage. However, in the case of the Deal Details page, look for the icons underneath the Deal Description. 

    What’s the Difference Between a Deal and a Coupon?

    When a product is available at a discounted price, it is referred to as a Deal. On the other hand, Coupon is a code or a printable voucher that is required for availing the deal. You have to submit this code while purchasing the product. 

    I’m a Retailer or Work for a Retailer and Would Love to Offer Deals to the Coupon2Deal Website. Can I Post Them?

    Coupon2Deal is an exclusively user-driven website that has strict parameters for any deal to appear on its platform. We are strictly against self-promotion as our primary concern is our user’s interest and profitability. In other words, we don’t allow retailers or their associates to directly post their Deals and Offers. We have set these precautionary measures to protect the interest of our users who are part of our community. As such, they work meticulously to gather exceptionally valuable Deals for posting on our website. These stringent rules guarantee the quality of Deals posted on our portal. 

    However, still if you are interested in associating with our website to facilitate exclusive Deals for our community members. Then, you can always contact our Business Development team.

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