Women’s Tiger Cool Cat Sexy Costume

Halloween Express
$54.99 $65.99 Buy It Now
$54.99 $65.99 Buy It Now

Tiger Cool Cat Sexy Costume

Create an animalistic ambiance that calls to the heart of the wild and unleashes beast within!

Thin Tiger print fabric hugs your body, conforming to its natural curves like a second skin you can wear. Light-weight breathable material makes up the one piece outfit giving it a feel similar to comfortable yoga pants. A lengthy cat tail attached to the suit follows behind, bobbing to the sway of your step as all eyes fall on you, the star of the animal kingdom! 

  • Wild tiger print
  • Made of Thin Lightweight Fabric
  • One piece jumpsuit
  • Show off your curves

Available Sizes: 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Shoes are not included.

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